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Product Code 250130033800
Size W76 x D84 x H105cm
Weight 40kg
Warranty 5 years
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time 10mins
Delivery Type DeliveryWithAssembly
Package Size W76.5 x D75 x H64cm
Package Weight 44kg



The legs are raised higher than usual, so that the heart and calves are at the same height, making it comfortable and less tiring to sit for long periods of time.
The backrest and footrest are two-motorized and move separately, so you can relax at your preferred angle.
The headrest can be manually moved back and forth. Even in a sleeping position, it is easy to watch TV and reduces neck fatigue.
The backrest is made of feathers for comfortable seating.
It can be rotated up to 280 degrees to the left and right.
The reclining switch has a USB port for charging smartphones and other devices.
The backrest can be removed for delivery with a width of 55 cm.

Surface material and care instructions
Natural leather
(Natural leather (leather) is comfortable to the skin, flexible, durable, hygroscopic, and breathable.
It is also highly resistant to cold with little change in quality due to temperature differences.
Because it is a natural material, if it is not cared for properly, it will become keratinized and deteriorate, but if it is cared for properly, the original texture of the leather can be enjoyed for a long time.)

How to care for it
(Special cleaner (sold separately) is required to clean the leather.
Leather is prone to cracking (keratinization) when it loses its oil content, so it needs to be cleaned with a cleaner every 4-5 months.)

Synthetic leather (mainly PVC (vinyl chloride leather), PU (polyurethane), and soft leather)
The main characteristics of synthetic leather are its resistance to water and dirt, and its low price.
Soft leather has flexibility and durability similar to leather.)

Care Instructions
(When soiled, it is easy to wipe with water for easy care.
When the surface gets dirty, a mild detergent can be used to clean it.)

Seat springs and features
S-shaped spring
(S-shaped springs are the most common type of springs, with S-shaped wavy springs arranged in parallel on an arch.)

Delivery Width Size

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