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Custom Made Blinds / Curtains


With a wide array of designs, complementing your interior design with a custom made curtains/blinds are prefect for the modern home to enhance your space decoration.

Window Surroundings - Types of Ordered Curtains and How to Select Them

Use the same color or pattern for curtains, cushion covers, and other items. This creates a sense of unity throughout the room and makes it easy to enjoy total coordination.

Site Measurement Service

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NITORI Custom-Made Curtains

Nitori made-to-order curtains feature fabrics, stitching, and structures that make the curtains look even more beautiful.

Pattern matching

The patterns of the curtains are sewn to match at the seams of the fabric. In the case of double-opening curtains, the height of the patterns on the left and right curtains is adjusted to match.

Length of the interlining

The interlining that supports the hooks is long, allowing the curtain to maintain its beautiful shape for a long time.

Sewing the ears (both sides)

The edges are wrapped around three times and sewn with a large width to prevent sagging and maintain a beautiful appearance.

Weighted hem

The hem is sewn into three rolls, and ceramic weights are inserted to prevent the curtain from spreading sideways and to keep the folds straight and beautiful.

Optional lining added (for applicable products only)

Just by adding a lining, you can increase air conditioning efficiency and shading rate! By simply adding a lining, air conditioning efficiency and shading rate are improved!

This option is available at an additional cost for every 300 cm of finished width. The color of the lining varies depending on the curtain.

・Heat Insulation Effect
【Winter】: 48.9% heat retention effect (without lining: 36.1%) Prevents heating heat from escaping and keeps indoor temperature from dropping. According to the Japan Textile Products Quality Technology Center (cold air method)

【Summer】: Heat insulation effect rate: 64.3% (without lining: 48.0%) Cuts sunlight and reduces the rise in indoor temperature. According to the Japan Textile Products Quality Technology Center (infrared lamp method)

・Shading Effect
Light-blocking rate of 99.99% or higher (light-blocking grade 1). Blocks light from outside.

・Long-Lasting Fabric
Prevents fading of the fabric due to sunburn and makes it last longer.

Curtain Function

Curtains are not only important for room interiors, but they also have many important functions. Add the functions you need to your home with curtains and make your daily life more comfortable.

Lace curtains are essential for protecting privacy, but they can also help save energy if you understand and use their functions.

NITORI Standard [Shading Level] Drapery Curtains

Translucent lace curtains that protect your privacy from the outside world. The level of invisibility is set according to NITORI Standards. Please refer to "Shading Level" when selecting curtains. The higher the number, the higher the shading level.

※The same lace curtain will not be visible in different light conditions during the day and night.

Lace Curtains with NITORI's Standard Translucent Level

Translucent lace curtains that protect your privacy from the outside world. The level of invisibility is determined by NITORI Standards. The higher the number, the less visible the lace curtain. The higher the number, the more difficult it is to see from the outside.

※The same lace curtain will not be visible in different light conditions during the day and night.

The List of Styles - Thick Curtains & Lace Curtains

Once you have found the fabric you like, the next step is to decide on the style of the curtains. Finally, coordinate the various covers and accessories with the color and pattern of the curtains.

Pleated Curtain

The most popular and standard curtain. The number of folds changes the volume of the appearance, so choose one that matches the atmosphere of the room.

1.5x Fullness(2 Folds)

This style uses fabric that is 1.5 times as wide as the finished width and has two folds. The same specifications as ready-made curtains.

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2x Fullness(3 Folds)

This style uses twice as much fabric as the finished width and has three folds. It is loose and voluminous.

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Flat Curtains

A simple style without folds. The folds do not interfere with the pattern, so it is recommended for those who want to enjoy the pattern of the fabric itself.

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Cushion Covers

Cushion covers can be made from the same fabric as curtains. Just one of these can be used as an accent to change the impression of a room.

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Eyelet Curtains

The style is to pass the pole through the pigeonhole, which gives it a simple and modern look with few folds. It allows for sophisticated coordination.

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Tab Curtains

The tabs are made of the same fabric as the curtains, and are threaded through the pole for a casual look. It is useful for room dividers and for hiding storage. It is also recommended for children's rooms.

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Plain Shade

A type of window covering that opens and closes by folding up the fabric. Ideal for narrow or high windows. There are two types of shades: single shades with only one piece, and double shades with thick fabric and lace layered in front and behind.

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