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Product Code 250114103100
Size 177 x 83 x 84cm
Weight 33kg
Warranty 5 years
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DeliveryWithAssembly
Package Size 175 x 83.5 x 72cm
Package Weight 35kg

* The image uses a green for 3 people. *In the case of the image image, the accessories used are production products.

It's a compact type that doesn't feel oppressive, so you can feel the depth in the living space where people gather.
The soft texture of the fabric creates a natural atmosphere.
The design is easy to match with your room and easy to coordinate.
The elbows are low, flat and soft, making it comfortable to use as a pillow, whether you're leaning back or lying down dozing off.

The bottom of the seat is about 12 cm, making it easy to clean, and robot cleaners can also enter.
*Excludes some models.
This is a sofa for 3 people.

[Detailed size (approximately)]
Seat height: 41 cm
Back height: 45.5 cm
Seat: width 129 x depth 50.0 cm
Elbows: width 23 x height 52.5 cm
Leg height: 12 cm

[Surface] Material and Care Instructions:
Cloth (It is warm and suitable for coordinating.)

Care Instructions
(Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt, or use a soft brush.
Softly wring out a cloth soaked in a diluted liquid detergent and tap to remove dirt.After that, wipe off with a cloth dampened with water so that no detergent remains.)

[Delivery frontage size] 75cm