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Product Code 250050216000
Size 83 x 40 x 175 CM
Materials MDF
Weight 46 KG
Warranty 1 YEAR(S)
Assembly Type Need to Assemble
Assembly Time 30 MIN
Delivery Type DeliveryWithAssembly
Package Size -
Package Weight 48 KG

A mosaic chest with smooth drawers and decorative shelves.
It has a high interior quality, so it looks great in the living room where people gather.

Comes with a decorative shelf that is ideal for displaying books and miscellaneous goods.

All drawers have rails that move smoothly and are easy to pull out.
In addition, the bottom drawer is a fully open type that is durable and can be pulled out to the back.
*Please open and close the drawers one cup at a time.
If you pull out multiple drawers at the same time, there is a risk of tipping over.

There is a space of about 11 cm at the feet, giving a clean and modern impression.
In addition, the vacuum cleaner and mop can be easily accommodated, and the robot cleaner can also be used, so it is easy to clean dust that tends to accumulate.
*Some models of robot cleaners are excluded.
In addition, the bottom row has auxiliary legs for safe use.
It is hard to fall down at the time of emergency, and it is safe for small children.
There is a recess for wiring behind the top plate of the open space, so it
can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as installing a light in the bedroom or placing a telephone in the living room.

[Detailed size (approximately)]
Upper rack shelf board upper level: width 79.5 x depth 16 cm
Number of shelves: 1
Shelf board size: width 79.5 x depth 16 x thickness 2 cm

Second shelf board: width 79.5 x depth 23 cm x Height 12-18cm
Number of shelves: 1

Shelf board size: Width 79.5 x Depth 23cm x Thickness 2cm
Movable shelf board pitch: 6 cm/2 steps

3rd shelf board: Width 79.5 x Depth 23 cm x Height 13-27 cm
Number of shelves: 1

Shelf board size: Width 79.5 x Depth 23 cm x Thickness 2 cm
Shelf board movable pitch: 6cm/2 steps

Chest top plate: Width 79.5 x Depth 39cm x Height 25.5-31.5cm

Drawer inner dimension
1st step (same as left and right): Width 31 x Depth 33.5 x Height 10 (Effective inner dimension 10) cm
2- 3rd stage: width 70.5 x depth 33.5 x height 13.5 (effective internal dimension 13.5) cm
4th stage: width 70.5 x depth 33.5 x height 16.5 (effective internal dimension 16.5) cm