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Product Code 250116004200
Color GRAY
Size W80 x D160 x H84cm
Materials Polyester Synthetic Leather
Weight 34kg
Warranty 5 years(s)
Assembly Type Need to Assemble
Assembly Time 30Min
Delivery Type DeliveryWithAssembly
Package Size W86 x D161 x H78 cm
Package Weight 36kg

* The accessories used are performance products.

Low type with a seat height of 40cm.
It is a visual design that does not make the room feel oppressive.
The seat is made of fabric, so it won't get stuffy and can be used all year round.

[Seat spring and features]
■Pocket coil spring
Independent cylindrical springs, which are also used for beds, firmly support the body.
■S-shaped spring
S-shaped wavy springs are arranged in parallel on the arch, and are the most common springs.

[Surface material and maintenance method]
■ The fabric has warmth and is suitable for coordination.
■Cleaning method
Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt, or use a soft brush. For stubborn stains, soak a cloth in a diluted solution of neutral detergent, wring it out softly, and tap it to remove the stains. After that, wipe off with a damp cloth so that no detergent remains.