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Product Code 250894082200
Color GRAY
Size 33.5 x 30 x 23.5cm
Weight 4.1kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size 33.5 x 30 x 23cm
Package Weight 4.2kg

9-piece set of pots and pans with detachable handles

■ Cooking tools in one set! For the serious cook
■ The pots and pans have a durable coating that can be used for a wide range of cooking applications.
■ Detachable handles for convenient storage.
■ Includes stand-up lid for 22-26cm pots and pans

Gas flame, induction 200V/100V

[Set contents]
1. 18cm pot
2. 20cm pot
3. 20cm frying pan
4. 26cm frying pan
5. 18cm glass lid
6. 20cm glass lid
7. 22-26cm lid
8. Removable handles (2) for TORERU series

Quality Indication [Saucepan]
■ Materials
Body: aluminum alloy
Bottom: stainless steel (chromium 13
(Bottom thickness: 2.7mm (including the bottom))
■ Surface treatment
Interior surface: ceramic coating
Exterior surface: baking finish
■ Dimensions (approx.):
Large: 20cm Small: 18cm
■ Filling capacity (approx.):
Large: 3.0L Small: 2.1L

Quality indication [Frying pan]
■ Materials
Main body: aluminum alloy
Bottom: stainless steel (13% chromium)
(Bottom thickness: 2.7mm (including bottom))
■ Surface finish
Interior surface: fluoroplastic coating
Exterior surface: baking finish
■ Dimensions (approx.):
Large: 26cm Small: 20cm [Glass Lid]
■ Product Name: Tempered Glassware
■ Type of Tempering: Physically Toughened
■ Type of Material:
Silicone Rubber (Heat-Resistant Temperature: 220°C)
Handle: Phenolic Resin (Heat-Resistant Temperature: 150°C)
■ Dimensions (Approx.):
Large: 20cm, Small: 18cm

Quality Indication
■ Handle: Phenolic resin (heat-resistant temperature: 150°C)
■ Surface finish: Fluoroplastic coating
■ Dimensions (approx.): 22-26 cm Dimensions: 22-26cm
*Made of tempered glass to resist impact, but not heat-resistant.
Do not pour water or other liquids (such as water or a wet dishcloth) on the product when it is hot to cool it rapidly.

Body: Phenolic resin (heat-resistant temperature: 150°C)
Lever and upper part of handle: Nylon (heat-resistant temperature: 180°C)
Button: ABS resin (heat-resistant temperature: 70°C)
Metal parts: Stainless steel
■ Others: Silicone rubber (heat-resistant temperature: 220°C)