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Product Code 250630426000
Color Whitewash/White
Size [System bed]
W 201.3 x D 112 x H 130 cm

[Light + outlet box]
W 49.2 x D 6.2 x H 41 cm
Materials [System bed] Fibreboard
[Light + Outlet box] ABS
Weight 127kg
Warranty 1 Year
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time 40Min
Delivery Type DeliveryWithAssembly
Package Size Packing 1:
W 118 x D 118 x H 12 cm

Packing 2:
W 118 x D 58.5 x H 6 cm

Packing 3:
W 207 x D 43 x H 10 cm

Packing 4:
W 92.5 x D 66.5 x H 7 cm

Packing 5:
W 76.5 x D 40 x H 69 cm

Packing 6:
W 65.5 x D 9.5 x H 9 cm
Package Weight 130kg

* The image uses white wash.
You can learn, store, and sleep in a small space. Danish BD23AV series with plenty of storage.
A bed, bookshelf, chest, and desk set (with ladder). It also has the advantage that everything you need is gathered in one place, so it is less cluttered, and you can customize it according to your growth.

The desk can be completely stored under the bed when friends come over. Space can be used effectively. The desk has casters so it is easy to move.

There is storage next to the desk, so you can store your writing utensils on the top and notebooks and dictionaries on the bottom, so you can start studying right away.
The desk can be recombined left and right. In addition, the shelf can be changed to face inward or outward.

Can be laid out separately according to the growth of the child.
The beds can be rearranged and used as single beds.
*In the case of the image image, the accessories used are production products.
*When using as a system bed, be sure to connect the bookshelf and chest.
*The total thickness of the futon and mattress must be within 10 cm.
When you roll over, you can climb over the fence and cause injury.

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