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Product Code 250116142000
Size W286 x D100 x H106cm
Materials FABRIC
Weight 138kg
Warranty 5 years
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time 15mins
Delivery Type DeliveryWithAssembly
Package Size W0 x D0 x H0cm
Package Weight 137.1kg


●Comfortable to sit and easy to operate electric reclining sofa.

●The back of the chair and the seat surface are made of gentle and comfortable cloth materials to create a warm living space at home.

●The reclining angle can be adjusted freely, and the button next to the armrest can control the reclining angle of the chair back, so that any member of the family can easily and freely adjust.

●Non-staged reclining function, the tilt angle can reach up to 140 degrees.

●Comfortable sitting: The high back design can support the head and back, and it is not easy to suffer from backache even if it is used for a long time.

● does not occupy space: only need to be 10cm away from the wall when placed, which will not cause a waste of space.

[Recommended width of the entrance door] about 80cm

【Detailed Specifications】

- Material: Cloth

-Seat surface: Constructed with independent cylinder springs and foam

-Backrest: Constructed elastic bands, fiber cotton

- Legs: Metal chassis

【Maintenance Method】

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt from the surface. Or wipe the dirt with a cloth dipped in a diluted neutral detergent.

Wipe well with a slightly moist cloth to avoid residue of detergent.

【Seat spring structure】

Independent cylinder springs

Separate tube springs are separated from each other, so they have the best fit and vibration conduction suppression.

※This sofa is heavy, so please make sure that the floor is strong enough before placing it on a wooden floor, and handle it carefully to avoid scratches or dents on the floor.

*Only the left and right sides have a reclining adjustment function.

*For 3 and 4 people only, the center seat can be used as a coffee table when the backrest is lowered.

*For 2 or more people only, 2 pillows of the same color are included.