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Connect Series Furniture

コネクトシリーズ - テレビボードとオープン棚を組み合わせて、壁面に大容量の収納スペースを作ることができます。スペースに合わせて棚板を追加して高さや幅を変更したり、扉や引き出しを追加して隠す収納も可能です。 。

Connect Series - create a large storage space on the wall by combining a TV board and an open shelf. The height and width can be changed with additional shelves to suit the space and also add doors and drawers for concealed storage.

CONNECT Series Combination


It can be freely combined and used according to your usage. The materials used are rich walnut and oak natural wood veneers with a luxurious feel. Check out your favorite combination to match your storage space.

CONNECT Series Features

Luxurious & Elegant Look

Natural Texture

Wide Range of Products with Combination

Flexible Adjustable Optional Board

Soft-Close Hinges

Easy to Assemble with Strong Support

About the Tension Board

* 5段タイプのみ使用可能です。テンションボードの使用可能範囲は235~245cmです。

* Can only be used with the 5-stage type. The usable range of the tension board is 235 to 245 cm.