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N Cool Collection


Cool-to-the-touch technology texture to slow down the heat transferred from your body. This allowed for longer cold feeling! Perfect for hot summer seasons.

What is difference of Types?

What is N Cool?

What is N Super Cool?

What is N W Super Cool?

N Cool Q&A

About N Cool

Q. What is "N Cool"?
A. It is a product that uses the "cool contact feeling" fabric developed by Nitori. We use a special fabric that feels cool when touched by the skin.

Q. What is "cool contact feeling"?
A. It feels "cold" as a lot of heat is transferred from the touched part to the fabric. This is called cool contact feeling.

Q. Why is N Cool so cold? Why is the coldness different depending on the product?
A. By special processing, instead of kneading "ore that feels cold" into the thread or kneading ore, the coldness is expressed using materials such as rayon, nylon, and polyethylene. There are things and so on. The coldness varies depending on the amount of ore kneaded into the thread and how the thread is knitted.

Q. Why is NITORI's N Cool cheaper than other companies' cool contact products?
A. Since the sales volume is overwhelmingly large, mass production is possible, and since all raw materials are procured in-house without going through a trading company, it is possible to keep the price of the product while maintaining high functionality is.

About N Cool Bedding

Q. N Cool bedding has other recommended functions besides cold?
A. N Cool is the cool feeling of contact! However, there are other recommended features like this!
  - With reversible use, you can use it comfortably even when it is still a little chilly.
  - N Cool Super and N Cool Double Super are reversible and incorporate a back mesh specification that promotes breathability. We pursued more breathability by making it a mesh specification!

Q. What is the difference between N Cool, N Cool Super and N Cool Double Super? ??
A. N cool ⇒ N cool super ⇒ N cool double super The coldness and function will improve in this order!

Q. Can I do the laundry?
A. Yes, you can wash it in your home washing machine. However, please use a laundry net. * Please note that tumbler drying (dryer) cannot be used.

Q. When I put out the N Cool that I used last year and used it, I feel that it is no longer cold ...
A. N The coldness of Cool depends on the temperature of the outside air, so the feeling of coldness will change depending on the temperature of the room. In particular, if you used it in a room with an air conditioner or a fan in the middle of summer last year, the outer fabric is chilled and the feeling of being "cold" tends to become stronger, but when you use N Cool for the first time this year, it is still It seems that people often feel that the coldness is weak because they do not use air conditioning.

Q. It seems that if you touch it all the time, it won't get cold ... What should I do?
A. The cool contact fabric is cold the moment you touch it, but if you touch it all the time, the coldness will be weakened. By changing the place where you touch, such as turning over, you can spend your time comfortably during the holidays. It is also recommended that you use an electric fan or air conditioner together to cool the outer fabric and make you feel colder.

Q. How many centimeters can the N-Cool mattress be used for mattresses?
A. It supports heights up to 30 cm.