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History of NITORI


The very first Nitori Furniture Store was launched, prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Japan’s first air dome, “Nango Store”, was constructed and opened as a furniture store in Shiroishi Ward, Sap-port. NITORI set ourselves apart from simple furniture stores by building our own brand identity.
MAY 1986

We stared importing products directly from overseas at a full scale and aimed to manage constant supplies and reduce operational costs.
March 1993

The “We launched our first store in Honshu. The “Katsuka Store” was opened in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki, as a move in cultivating our employees dedication to-wards the mainland.
JULY 2000

The “Kanto Distribution Center” was re-structured and set in motion at Shiraoka, Saitama. We also started establishing IT systems in-house.

We invested in Marumitsu Woodwork, a furniture manufacturer– which was eventually established as a wholly owned subsidiary.
MAY 2007

The first store abroad, “Kaoshung Dream Time Store” was opened in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

We commenced operations for a new Deco Home business format and set foot in the shop-ping mall business. NITORI Mall Higashi Osaka, was opened in October 2011.

We expanded into the US market as a “second founding”. Aki-Home Fullerton and Aki-Home Tustin were launched in the state of California, as the first store in the United States.

The first store in China, Wuhan Star City Store in Hu-bei province, was successfully opened.
APRIL 2015

Printemps Ginza Store, a metropolitan store was opened. It was the first store inside a department store.
MAY 2016

Upgraded corporate status to a company with an audit and supervisory committee - based on a resolution maded at the 44th General Meeting of Shareholders.
JAN 2022

First NITORI Store in Southeast Asia, Lalaport Bukit Bintang, Malaysia.
MARCH 2022

First NITORI Store in Orchard, Singapore.
JULY 2022

Second NITORI Store in Malaysia.

Third NITORI Store in Malaysia.