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Product Code 250115062200
Color GRAY
Size W134 x D90 x H97cm
Materials FABRIC
Weight 37kg
Warranty 1 year
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time 5mins
Delivery Type DeliveryWithAssembly
Package Size W136 x D91 x H84cm
Package Weight 39kg

A high-back backrest that supports the neck firmly.
Since it can be removed, it can be carried in with a frontage of 60 cm or more.
The smooth, curved seat conforms to the body.
It is less tiring and more comfortable.

Type with legs that is easy to clean.
With a leg height of about 12 cm, it is also compatible with robot cleaners.
* Some models are excluded.

This is a sofa for 2 people.

【Surface material and care method】
(warm and suitable for coordination)

How to clean (Vacuum up dirt and dirt or use a soft brush.)
For persistent stains, gently wring out a cloth soaked in a liquid diluted with neutral detergent and patting to remove the dirt.
After that, wipe it well with a cloth wrung out of water so that there is no detergent left.

[Seat springs and features]
S-type springs (S-shaped wavy springs
arranged in parallel on the arch, which is the most common spring.

[Delivery frontage size]