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Product Code 250894083800
Size W18 x D5 x H3.5cm
Materials PF
Weight 0.16kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size W25.5 x D9 x H4.5cm
Package Weight 0.18kg


●Detachable handle for the TORERU series with removable handle
*Please be sure to attach it to the TORERU series special pots and frying pans (sold separately).
*Do not use for pots and pans other than the TORERU series.
●Silicone coating that is comfortable to the touch

[Quality display (dedicated handle)]
●Material type
Main body: Phenolic resin (heat resistant temperature: 150℃)
Lever, handle top: Nylon (heat resistant temperature 180℃)
Button : ABS resin (heat-resistant temperature 70°C)
Metal parts: Stainless steel
Others: Silicone rubber (heat-resistant temperature 220°C)

[Other specifications]
●Dishwasher: Not suitable for use

[Care instructions]
●Do not wash the handle. Water may enter and it may become difficult to move.
● Wipe the handle with a soft cloth to remove dirt. If it is very dirty, wipe it off with a cloth moistened with neutral kitchen detergent diluted with water and tightly wrung out.
● Do not use steel scrubbers or polishing powder.
●Depending on the detergent you use (dishwashing detergent, other alkaline detergents), it may cause corrosion or discoloration.

[Handling Precautions]
●Do not attach the handle to anything other than the designated pots and frying pans as this may cause it to fall off or be damaged. If you use it with other company's products, it may cause accidents such as falling off.
●Do not soak the handle in water to wash it. Water may accumulate inside, causing poor movement and corrosion of screws and metal fittings.
●Do not touch the lever of the handle while cooking. Doing so may cause burns.
● Do not drop from a high place or give a sudden impact. Doing so may cause damage or injury.
●Do not cook for a long time with the handle on. Doing so may cause the handle to become damaged or deformed, making it impossible to use the product normally, or cause injury due to falling off.
●Unlock completely before removing the handle. It may cause damage to the handle.