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Product Code 250894440400
Size W45.5 x D29.4 x H9cm
Weight 0.63kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size W45.5 x D29.4 x H9cm
Package Weight 0.63kg

●Perfect for everyday use
●Soft grip handle for easy grip
●Inner surface has non-stick marble coating

[Quality display]
●Material type
Body: Aluminum alloy (bottom thickness 2.0mm)
●Other materials
Handle: Phenolic resin, nylon ( Heat resistant temperature: 150℃)
●Surface treatment
Inner surface: Fluorine resin coating
outer surface: Baking coating
●Dimensions: 28cm

[Other specifications]
●Dishwasher: Not usable
●Metal spatula: Not usable

[Handling precautions]
●Preheating and Adjust the heat to "medium heat" or lower, and do not preheat for more than 30 seconds.
●Please do not use on the stove or in the microwave. Doing so may cause malfunction or fire.
●Do not use for tempura dishes etc. Doing so may cause burns.
●The main body and handle will be hot during or immediately after cooking. Please use mittens etc.
●Do not leave the product with salt, alkaline substances, or acids in it. This may cause corrosion.
●Please do not boil it empty. This may cause burns, fire, peeling of the surface treatment, or deformation. If you accidentally boil it, wait for it to cool down naturally without pouring water on it.
●Do not leave this product in contact with dissimilar metals such as iron. This may cause rust.
●Do not leave the product in a state where the dirt has not been sufficiently removed. Do not leave food unattended in the frying pan. The surface resin finish may peel off or become bumpy. It may also cause corrosion.