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Product Code 250830073800
Size Width 8 x Depth 8 x Height 14cm
Materials ABS Resin Polypropylene
Weight 0.28kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size Width 18 x Depth 18 x Height 24cm
Package Weight 1kg

● Aroma diffuser that allows you to enjoy the original aroma anywhere
● Use it immediately by simply inserting the aroma oil in the bottle
● Comes with a bottle that can be used with your favorite oil
● Rechargeable, so you can use it anywhere you like Resistant to limescale
● USB rechargeable
● With 1/2/3 hour timer

● Bottle (glass/30mL capacity)
● 2 tubes
● USB cord for charging (Type C)

[Compatible bottles]
● Bottle type Mouth: Outside diameter 16mm
● Bottle bottom: 33mm or less
● Overall length: 80mm or less
● Those with a convex part on the mouth

*If the above conditions do not apply, please refill the included bottle with aroma oil.

*If you use a bottle without a convex part on the mouth, the aroma oil may leak when the bottle is knocked over.

* When using commercially available aroma oil, remove the cap and inner lid.

● Part number: NTAD-01-JPWH
● Built-in battery: 14430 lithium-ion battery
● Built-in battery capacity: 600mAh
● Rated input: DC5V/1A
● Rated power consumption: 5W
● Ambient temperature: 0-40℃
● Fragrance application Floor space (approximate): 6 to 12 tatami mats (in-house research)
● Charging time (approx.): 2.5 hours
● Aroma injection method (approximately): Direct oil exposure
● Operating mode: Intermittent/Low/Mid/High mode (with 1, 2, 3 hour timer)
● USB cord length (approximately): 1m
● Charging usage time (approximately) : Charge for 2.5 hours. 15 hours usable in low mode