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Product Code 250751766200
Size W150 x D210 x H1cm
Materials 100% COTTON
Weight 0.78kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size W13.5 x D8.5 x H22cm
Package Weight 0.82kg

1.  The secret of easy replacement
I experimented
Since it does not require time-consuming wrinkle-smoothing work, the wearing time is about half that of conventional products! (*Measurement results of the second and subsequent attachment/detachment times according to in-house method)

About 85% of people feel the ease of replacement
Research by Nitori Co., Ltd., Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd., and Nara Women's University


2.  The secret of the difficulty of misalignment
On the top and bottom of the reversed side of the cover, Teijin-developed ultra-fine fiber "Nanofront®" fabric is used. The large frictional force prevents the futon inside from slipping.

What is Nanofront® that creates friction?

The secret to the N-Grip's friction is in the Nanofront® thread developed by Teijin. By collecting the ultra-fine threads (=Nanofront®) into a thread shape and widening the surface area, the contact surface increases and strong friction is generated. The force of this friction prevents the futon inside from slipping. (Nanofront® is only attached to one side, so you can put on and take off the futon smoothly.) Also, because of the ultra-fine thread, the fabric is soft and gentle on the skin.

Even thinner than microfiber, which is generally said to be thin!

3.  OK to wash!
Even after washing 50
times, the frictional force hardly decreases!

*Results are measured values, not guaranteed values. *According to Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd.

Single size


●"Nanofront®" fabric is used on the top and bottom of the flip side to prevent the futon from slipping
● Easy to replace the cover because it has no strings attached!
●Easy to put in and take out! Full-open zipper
Easy to install and remove Slit Number of

stitches (approx.): 300 Front fabric: 300 Lining fabric
: 300 is the total number of The higher the number, the finer the thread used, so the fabric will be softer and finer. A fabric with 250 or more strands is called a high-density fabric.

■Composition: 100% cotton (side fabric) Non-slip part (inside): 100% polyester ■Machine washable This is a duvet cover only.