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Product Code 250898240600
Size W10 x D0.4 x H14cm
Weight 0.02kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type Self-PickUp
Package Size W12.5 x D2 x H18.5cm
Package Weight 0.03kg

● For stubborn oil stains and water stains around the microwave
● Sodium sesquicarbonate is mixed with rubber latex, so when soaked in water, sesqui gradually dissolves, lifting the dirt and scraping it off.
Since it can be washed with just water, it is convenient for cleaning areas where you don't want to use detergent.
Also for removing fogging around the sink

Oil stains around range hoods, ventilation fans, stoves, dirt on home appliances, fogging around sinks

[Things that should not be polished with this product: wooden
products, tatami mats, lacquerware, leather, jewelry, liquid crystal screens, current-carrying parts, metals that corrode with alkali such as aluminum, copper, and brass, marble, objects that easily absorb water, washing with water, Something that cannot be wiped off with water.

[Size (approx.)]
10 x 14 cm

Polyester non-woven fabric, rubber latex, sodium sesquicarbonate (sodium sesquicarbonate)

[Heat resistance temperature (approx.)]

●Sodium sesquicarbonate is alkaline. Never use with acidic chemicals.
●Since it is an alkaline ingredient, you may feel slimy on your hands if you use it with bare hands. We recommend using rubber gloves. Please wash it well when it gets on your hands.
●Do not use if you are allergic to alkali.
●This product is a disposable type that can be used only once. However, even if the sodium sesquicarbonate melts, the strength of the rubber remains, so you can use it until the surface becomes crumbling.
●If it gets in your eyes, rinse well with water without rubbing. If you have any problems, please consult a doctor.
●Wipe marks may turn white after removing stains with this product. Be sure to rinse with water or wipe off with water to finish.
●Please note that if this product is soaked in water or left immersed in water, sesquitanmatsu soda may flow out and impair its functionality.
●Do not dry or disinfect in a microwave oven or dishwasher.
●If you use this product while it is dry on plastics, etc., it may cause scratches.
● Depending on the type and degree of dirt, such as severe burns or dirt that has entered scratches, it may not be possible to remove it.
●Stains that have changed chemically, such as rust and mold, cannot be removed.
●Please note that this product may break when used on sharp parts, blades, or rough surfaces.