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Product Code 250899522800
Size 18.9 x 11.1 x 25.9 cm
Materials polypropylene silicone
Weight 240g
Warranty -
Assembly Type ASSEMBLED
Assembly Time -
Package Size 18.9 x 11.1 x 25.9 cm
Package Weight 0.5 KG

● Can be opened and closed with one hand
● Clean and washable from inside

[Capacity (approx.)]

Body, lid, stopper: Polypropylene (Heat resistant temperature: 120°C / Cold resistant temperature: -20°C)
Packing: Silicone rubber ( Heat-resistant temperature: 180°C / cold-resistant temperature: -40°C)

[Other specifications]
-Dishwasher: Can be used (body/lid)
*Please avoid using it in a commercial dishwasher.
* Do not place heavy objects on top of this product or stack it on top of each other as it may deform.
*Do not touch or drop the heater part.
●Microwave oven: Do not use

[Cleaning instructions]
●When washing by hand, use a solution diluted with a neutral detergent and wash with a soft object such as a sponge.
●Scrubbing with a scrubbing brush or cleanser may cause scratches.
●If you want to remove stubborn stains or odors, soak it in hot water diluted with bleach.
●If the packing is dirty, it may cause liquid leakage, so remove the packing from time to time and wash it with a neutral detergent. Hygienic and long lasting.
●Remove the stopper and wash it with a neutral detergent to keep it clean.
● Dry the packing thoroughly before attaching it.

[Handling Precautions]
●This product is a cold water bottle.
●If you remove the packing from this product, such as when washing, be sure to attach it to its original position.
●Do not place near fire or other places where the temperature is high.
●Do not use as an ice machine. If you put it in the freezer and use it, it may be damaged.
●If boiling water is added, do not close the lid until the contents have cooled sufficiently. Also, please be careful when handling hot water.
●Do not store alcoholic beverages for a long period of time.
●Be sure to securely lock the lid and body. Just to be sure, make sure the lock is closed before pouring.
● Be sure to open and close the plugs and lids.
●Please use in an upright position. If you lay it down or turn the handle side down, the contents will leak.