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Product Code 250300071700
Size Width 90 x Depth 40 x Height 80cm
Materials MDF
Weight 41kg
Warranty 5 years(s)
Assembly Type Need to Assemble
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DeliveryWithAssembly
Package Size Width 92 x Depth 42 x Height 82 cm
Package Weight 42kg

With a simple design, it can be used like a wall-mounted TV without taking up much space, and the room is spacious.
Since it is a wall-backed type, it is easy to secure a passage even in a bedroom.
The height is 101cm~116cm and can be adjusted in 4 steps.
It can be finely adjusted according to the distance from the TV and the scene.
It has a wide swing function that can be viewed in a range of about 240 degrees, so you can adjust the angle for easy viewing.
It has a holder that allows you to place an external hard drive on the back of the TV.
Wiring and power strips can be stored on the back, so it looks neat.
A safe design that has cleared the seismic resistance test due to a seismic intensity of 7 shaking and is resistant to shaking.

* Earthquake resistance is not guaranteed in all environments.

* In the case of image images, the accessories used are exhibits.

Applicable TV size: 32 inches ~ 77 inches (compatible with large TVs)

Please be sure to check the compatible TV size of each manufacturer in the TV compatibility table before purchasing.