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Product Code 250851165500
Size W8.9 x D7.9 x H17.5cm
Weight 0.1kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size W8.9 x D7.9 x H17.5cm
Package Weight 0.1kg

- The lid can be removed and easy to clean

[Capacity (approx.)]
330 mL

[Size (approx.)]
8.9 × 7.9 × Height 17.5 cm

Body: AS resin
Pump: ABS plastic
Pipe: polypropylene

[Handling precautions]
● Do not place near fire. If you place it near a fire, it may soften or deteriorate.
● Polishing with a scourer or scouring powder may cause scratches.
● Items with strong ingredients cannot be used because they may deteriorate. (Alcohol, flavors, petroleum, terpenes or fats contained in citrus fruits such as lemons, etc.)
● If you leave it for a long time with the contents in, the contents may change and the main body may be colored or discolored.
● If left with detergent or moisture on it, it may cause discoloration. If it adheres, rinse under running water and wipe dry. In particular, please note that if you leave detergent or moisture on the bottom, discoloration may transfer to the place where you placed it.
● Some liquid soap products may be prohibited from being used in containers other than dedicated containers due to the circumstances of the ingredients. In that case, do not use it with this product.
● It may react with some components of the liquid that will be the contents, and the pump may become discolored.
● Liquids with high concentrations or liquids mixed with granular substances cannot be used. Due to the concentration of the liquid, the pump may not be able to be used smoothly.
● During use, liquid may leak from the tip of the pump, the moving part, or the joint between the main body and the screw. This is a phenomenon caused by the pressure inside the manufacturing structure and the sealed body, as well as various conditions of use. In this case, rinse off immediately before use.
● To prevent the pump from clogging, clean the pump itself regularly. In case of clogging, place the pump area in lukewarm water and dissolve the clogged liquid while pumping.
● When carrying, hold the lower part of the main body without holding the lid and pump. There is a risk that the lid will come off.
● If liquid such as shampoo adheres to the installation surface of the lid or main body, the lid may come off. Wipe it off thoroughly before closing the lid.