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Product Code 250898818500
Size W39.2 x D25.7 x H13cm
Weight 1.4kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size W27 x D13.5 x H40.5cm
Package Weight 1.8kg


● Rust-resistant stainless steel drainer
● Can be placed both vertically and horizontally

● Work space is secured according to the kitchen

● Water is automatically drained in the sink [Set contents]
● Basket
● Tray - Protection parts × 2

● Leg parts × 2 [Size (approx.)] 39.2 × 25.7 × Height 13 cm

Body / tray: stainless steel
Body Leg Cap: Silicone Rubber
Tray Leg: Thermoplastic Elastomer

[About stainless steel products]
● Stainless steel has the property of being less likely to rust than iron, but rust may occur depending on the usage conditions and usage environment.
● Spotted rust may occur on the surface, but this is "rust" due to the adhesion of salt and harmful gases contained in the atmosphere. If rust occurs, soak a neutral detergent or cleanser in a soft cloth, wring it out tightly, wipe it off, lightly splash it with water, and wipe it off well with a dry cloth so that no detergent remains.

【Handling precautions】
● Be sure to use on a flat surface. Do not install in an unstable location.
● Use it so that the load is not biased. Doing so may cause falling, deformation, or damage.
● Depending on the shape and size of the plate, it may not stand.
● Do not put dangerous items such as knives on it.
● Do not put pots and pans with contents on it.
● Do not leave pots and pans hot.
● Do not install in places with high temperatures, near stovetops, or fire.
● When using, be careful not to injure metal joints or the edges of the tray.
● Do not move the main unit with objects on it. In addition, do not drag it to move it, as it may damage the installation surface.
● If you apply a sudden force or shock, it may be deformed or damaged.
● Do not leave the tray with water accumulating. Doing so may cause water stains or rust (corrosion).
● Do not use if it is deformed or damaged. Doing so may result in a fall or injury.