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Product Code 250854207200
Size 120 x 4 x 7.2cm
Materials STEEL ABS
Weight 0.6kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size 8 x 4.3 x 83.5cm
Package Weight 0.72kg
Mountable width (approx.) 75-120cm, pipe diameter (approx.) 30mm, strong enough to hang clothes in a small space.

Securely crimped and fixed with a powerful jack. Load capacity up to 20kg

●Built-in spring for secure fixation
●Double effect of hinge and spring

■ Mounting width 75-120cm
■ Size (approx.): 4cm deep x 7cm high
■ Pipe diameter (approx.): 30mm
■ Load capacity reference
For mounting width 75cm: load capacity (approx.)
For mounting width 75cm: Load capacity up to 20kg
For mounting width 120cm: Load capacity up to 15kg
■ Material
Pipe: Iron pipe (epoxy resin powder coating)
Resin: ABS resin, EVA resin
Screws and fittings: Iron (plated finish)

[Precautions for handling]
*The load capacity may vary depending on the installation width, wall material, installation condition, and insufficient crimping force. Make sure to install the product on a strong enough surface such as concrete wall, mortar wall, pier wall, or thick board.
Do not use in direct sunlight, high temperatures, or humid places such as bathrooms. (This may cause deterioration or rusting.)
Make sure to use the product within the range of the indicated load capacity and the indicated extension and retraction range.
Please do not concentrate the load in one place, but distribute it evenly.
Please do not apply a sudden load, pull strongly, shake, or hang the product, as this may cause it to fall or cause injury.
Please be careful not to use the product on the cloth after new construction or renovation. If the adhesive on the cloth is not dry, there is a risk of tearing the cloth.
Do not place or hang dangerous, valuable, or potentially damaging items on or around the product.
Adherence to deodorants, air fresheners, cosmetics, hairdressers, acidic or alkaline detergents, grease, or organic solvents (benzene, thinner, etc.) may cause deterioration of the product.
Please do not install the product over a place where people are always present.
Scratches on the pipe surface may cause dirt to penetrate and rust to occur. If the pipe surface is scratched, it will cause dirt to penetrate and rust to occur.
The resin part will deteriorate due to oil adhesion and ultraviolet rays.
Sometimes there is rust-proof oil on the pipe.
Pipe may have rust-proof oil on it, which may stick to clothes.
Please check the installation condition periodically (about once a week).