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Product Code 250858084300
Size 43 x 22.5 x 0.2cm
Materials PVA sponge
Weight 0.08kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size -
Package Weight 0.5kg

Three-layered water-absorbing cloth that does not scratch the object and does not produce fiber waste.

[ Features ]

  • Water absorbency is approximately 7 times greater! (*Compared to the dry weight of this product)
  • Wipes away condensation and water droplets in a snap! (*Compared to this product's dry weight)
  • For wiping up water droplets around the washbasin, water droplets in the bathroom, after cleaning windows, and other water droplets that bother you around the house.
  • Good drainage, so water absorbency is restored when wrung out.

■ Absorption capacity (approx.): 140 mL
■ Material: PVA sponge (core material: polyester)
■ Heat resistance temperature: 60°C
■ Size (approx.): 43 x 22.5 cm

■ Machine washable (with neutral detergent)

[ Precautions for handling ]
  • The isothiazolinone preservative contained in this product may cause allergic dermatitis. Please rinse well with water before using the product for the first time.
  • When dried, the product becomes hard. Soak in water or lukewarm water to make it soft and wring it out well before use.
  • After use, wash well and dry before storing, as leaving stains or spots attached may cause mold.
  • When using bleach, be sure to use it in accordance with the bleach usage conditions.
    (Example: Dilute chlorine bleach at a ratio of 5 mL per 1 L of water, soak for approximately 2 minutes, and rinse well with water.)
  • Use of bleach at a higher concentration than specified, soaking in a higher ratio than specified, or inadequate rinsing will cause deterioration of the material and color fading.
  • Do not place the product in boiling water, at high temperatures, or in direct sunlight.