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Bed Pillows Collection



Choosing your Best-Fit Pillow
Pillows are essential for a comfortable night sleep. However, there are many options in terms of material, texture, height and other factors, and it is difficult to know what to focus on when choosing a comfortable choice..

Knowing the advantage and disadvantage of each type of pillow, you will be able to choose the one that best suits your sleeping position.

Find Your Perfect Pillow

Hotel Style

- Made with carefully selected materials for a comfortable sleep.

Hotel Style LUXE
- Allelcatcher is a registered trademark of Daiwakabo.
- Anti-Bacterial & Deodorant Finish (Medium Fabric Only).
- 4 major deodorization processing
[acetic acid, isovaleric acid, ammonia, nonenal (aging odor)].

Hotel Style D-Premium
- Fill : 50% down, 50% feather.
- Uomu is a technology that not only reduces the smell of the feather itself, but also processes the feather itself into deodorization feathers and antibacterial feathers.

Side Sleeper Pillows

Low Repulsion Side Sleep Promoting Pillow

- Alleviates Pressure for Side Sleepers.
- Ergonomically designed memory foam to relieve pressure on ears and face.
- Triple Layers for Customizable Comfort.
- Removeable foam layers to customize pillow height to your comfort

Back & Side Sleepers Pillows

Shoulder, Neck, Back Pillow

- For stiff shoulders and straight necks!
- Reduces strain on the shoulders, neck and back during sleep.

Cool Touch Pillow

Chill Pillow N-Cool