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Product Code 250870050100
Size W30 x D44.5 x H75cm
Materials STEEL/MDF
Weight 2.42kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size W30 x D7 x H85cm
Package Weight 2.42kg

Folds up to a slim profile for easy storage in a crevice.
Stylish wood grain seat
The same wood grain sheet as the N Polda desk and the FT1 folding table series, so they can be used together.
Equipped with a stopper that prevents it from closing on its own.

Seat height (approx.)

Size (approx.)
Size (approx.): 30 cm (width) X 44 cm (depth) X 75 cm (height)

Surface Finish】】 Legs: Epoxy resin coating
Legs: Epoxy resin coating

Structural members】 Seat surface: Fiberboard (synthetic resin laminate)
Seat surface: Fiberboard (synthetic resin veneer)

If the seat is heavily soiled, remove the stain with diluted neutral detergent for kitchen use and wipe with a dry cloth.

When handling the product, please do not use it for children, the elderly, or caregivers.
Do not allow children, the elderly, or those who require assistance to use the product alone. Do not let children, the elderly, or those who need assistance use the product alone.
Do not lean on the chair or put your hand on it. Use the chair on a level surface.
Do not tilt the chair while sitting on it. Do not sit anywhere other than on the seat.
Do not put your hands, feet or fingers into the moving parts.
Do not stand on, climb on, jump on, or use as a step ladder.
This product is intended for home use only.
Do not use this product as a stepladder.
Wear and deterioration may occur even under normal use. Do not use the product if you find any distortion, rattling or other defects, or deformation or damage to the moving parts or frame.
Do not use it with the side facing front.
When moving the product, do not drag it, but hold it firmly by its body.
Do not use on cushion floors, wooden floors, or tatami mats, as they may be scratched. When using the product, use a carpet or similar material to prevent scratches on the floor surface.
Use the product indoors. Do not use or store the product in places where the floor surface is wet.
Do not place hot or wet items directly on the chair or leave vinyl or glass on it for long periods of time.
Do not use or store the product in places where it will be exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight.
Do not use or store near fire or stove.