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Product Code 250864229100
Size W3 x D2.6cm
Materials TPR
Weight 0.1kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size W3.1 x D0.1 x H3.1cm
Package Weight 0.13kg

● For room decoration

[Cannot be used in the following places]
● Unit bath, walls, unglazed tiles, natural marble, frosted glass, plastic products, wooden products, cloth products, enamel products
* Color may transfer.
● Specially processed surfaces of glass and mirrors
* Colors and oils may adhere and cannot be removed, so please check with the manufacturer of the glass and mirror before use.
● Rough or uneven surfaces
● Delicate materials such as paper cloth, shoji screens, and Japanese paper
● LCD screens such as TVs and computers
● Wet surfaces
● Dirty surfaces
● Plaster walls
● Diatomaceous earth wall

* When peeling off, there is a possibility that the surface material / processing may peel, stickiness, color transfer or not stick,
* Glass and mirror (excluding special processing) are recommended.

【Handling Precautions】
●This product is for indoor use only.
● Peel off carefully and slowly.
● If you leave it attached in a place exposed to direct sunlight, the sticker will adhere and it will be difficult to remove.
● Do not use or store in places where the temperature rises to 40°C or higher.
● Please note that the color will transfer when the stickers come into contact with each other.
● Places affected by direct sunlight and outside air, such as entrance doors, may transfer color.
● It is possible to stick and peel off during construction, but it is not possible to peel off and reattach what has passed since pasting.