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Product Code 250897513900
Size W19.9 x D2.7 x H1.6cm
Weight 0.02kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size W23.5 x D8.7 x H1.6cm
Package Weight 0.06kg

● For frying, low-temperature cooking, and baking
● Measurement temperature -15°C~250°C ● Digital display
● Hold function
● MAX/MIN temperature display
● Battery replacement presentation function

● Auto power off about 5 minutes
● Angle adjustment is 90 degrees possible
● With magnet on the back side ● With a cap that is convenient for storage

● Product number: NDO-1
● Measurement range of the temperature measurement part: -15°C ~ 250°C
● Operating temperature range: 0°C
~ 50°C
* Operating environment temperature of the main unit
● Minimum display: 0.1°C
● Temperature unit: °C
● Display update frequency: Every
1 second
● Accuracy: ±1°C (0~100°C), ±2°C (100~200°C), ±3°C

● Functions: Hold function, MAX/MIN temperature display function, battery replacement presentation function
● Power supply: CR2032 (coin-type lithium battery) ×1 piece
* Operation check battery included
● Body dimensions (approx.): Width 27 × Depth 15.0 × Height 182 mm (excluding safety cap)
● Auto power off: about 5 minutes
● Main material: SUS304 stainless steel + ABS resin

[Precautions for handling]
● The main body part is not designed to be heat-resistant, so be sure to hold it in your hand. Do not place it in a place with high temperatures or place it on the edge of the pot. Failure to do so may result in a malfunction.
● This product is not waterproof or drip-proof, so avoid immersing it in water or other liquids, or washing it with water.
● Do not disassemble or modify. Do not use the product in a microwave oven, in an open oven, in a place that emits static electricity or electromagnetic waves, or in a fire.
● Do not leave in a hot water place with high temperatures. Store in a place where the temperature drops below 50°
C ● Be careful not to drop or have a strong impact as it may cause a malfunction.
● Please handle the temperature measurement part with care because the tip is sharp. When not in use, attach a safety cap to the tip and store it.
● The usable measurement range of this product is -5°C~250°C. Measuring temperatures beyond this range may cause failure.
● When measuring temperatures above 0°C~50°C, make sure that the ambient temperature of the main unit does not exceed 0°C~50°C.
● This product is for cooking use only, so do not use it to measure body temperature.