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Product Code 250899658500
Size W17.8 x D10.8 x H6.3cm
Weight 0.15kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size W11 x D6.3 x H22.3cm
Package Weight 0.23kg

● 1-stage type
● Prevents juice leakage with a 4-point lock
● Easy to clean because there is no need to remove the packing
● With convenient partition
● With
air valve to prevent suction
● Ag + antibacterial processing (excluding air valve)

● Microwave heating OK (remove the lid)
● Frozen storage OK
● Dishwasher OK

500 mL

Lid: Polypropylene, thermoplastic elastomer (heat resistant temperature: 110 °C / cold resistant temperature: -20 °C)
Body, partition, valve body: Polypropylene (heat resistant temperature: 140°C / cold resistant temperature: -20°C)
Valve: Silicone rubber (heat resistant temperature: 180°C / cold resistant temperature: -40°C)

[Other specifications]
● Microwave oven: Can be used * Remove the lid
● Dishwasher: Usable
● Open flame: Not available
● Oven: Grill: Not

[About antibacterial processing]
● Parts other than valves are treated with antibacterial treatment to suppress the growth of bacteria.
● It is effective against bacteria that come into contact with the surface, but please note that it does not maintain the freshness of food or have an antiseptic effect.
● If dirt adheres to the surface, the antibacterial effect will not be exerted. Please keep it clean and use. Also, when not in use, dry and store.

【About care】
● When cleaning, use a liquid diluted with neutral detergent and wash it with a soft object such as a sponge to clean it.
● When it is very dirty or you want to remove the smell, soak it in hot water diluted with bleach.
● Please avoid using scourers and cleansers as they may cause scratches.
● When cleaning, be careful not to lose the automatic air valve.

【Handling precautions】
● The lid and packing part are integrated, so they cannot be removed.
● Make sure that the stop is securely locked and the lid is fixed before use.
● Please note that if you rub the packing part with a sharp object, it will peel off and the sealing effect will be lost.
● If the lock comes off easily, bend the hinge part of the lock several times to soften it before use.
● The stop part of the lid may be broken if it is forcibly bent or folded, or if it is subjected to a strong impact.
● If you leave oils and fats or alcohols on the pattern or letters on the lid, the color may fade.
● If the packing is dirty, it may cause leakage.
● If you put juicy food and lay it down, it may cause juice leakage. Please be careful when carrying.
● If you put hot food and close the lid, it may be difficult to open the lid, so let it cool enough before closing the lid.
● Do not use for ice-making purposes.
● If you place it near fire or other hot objects, it may soften or deform.
* This product complies with the Food Sanitation Law.