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Product Code 250818123900
Color white
Size Width 6.5 x Depth 3 x Height 13 cm
Materials glass perfume aluminum
Weight 240g
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size Width 8.5 x Depth 5 x Height 15 cm
Package Weight 0.1kg
● Refreshes the air in the room

* This product is for enjoying the fragrance of the room space, and does not have any effects such as sterilization, antibacterial, and deodorizing. Do not use on humans or animals.

[Types of scents]
●Magnolia, Tuberose, Jasmine


[Handling precautions]
●This product is for enjoying the scent, not food or drink. Do not put it in your mouth.
●Be careful not to get it on your skin or clothes.
●Those with sensitive skin may get a rash if they touch the contents directly. If it gets on your skin, wash it off well with soap.
●Be careful not to get this in your eyes. In the unlikely event that it gets into your eyes, immediately rinse with fresh water and seek medical advice immediately.
●Do not spray directly on floors, furniture, resin, painted surfaces, vinyl, etc. There is a risk of discoloration or deterioration. If it adheres, wipe it off immediately.
●Do not spray a large amount at once in the same place.
●Do not place near fire or heat sources.
●Do not use in direct sunlight.
●Do not use near fire.